Mom & Daughter Matching Outfits

I did it! I made a dress for my daughter and a shirt for me out of the same fabric! I’ve been wanting to do this since March of last year. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately, like the Reds shirt I made from a baby bodysuit, and Grainline Studio’s Scout Tee recently caught my eye, so I decided I was ready to jump in!

My daughter and I went to the fabric store where we picked out Simplicity pattern #2241. It’s a “Learn to Sew” pattern, so I figured it’d be easy for me since I definitely a beginning garment maker. We also picked out some fabric—that we both liked. Obviously, I’m all about wearing a shirt that matches a 4-year-old’s dress, but I wanted it to be appropriate for both of us. Later, I ordered the Scout Tee pattern.

I made the Scout Tee first since after reading both patterns it was the simpler garment. It was so easy to put together! And, the fit is fantastic. I’m already scheming to make more.

Grainline Studio’s Scout Tee

The experience with the Scout Tee really helped me make the dress. With the tee I learned how to make gathers and use bias tape to finish the neckline. I did both of these things with the dress, which has gathers on the front and back and both the neckline and armholes are finished with bias tape. The only thing I would change is the bias tape I used for the dress. The pattern called for single-fold bias tape, which I purchased. The Scout Tee had directions for making my own. For the dress, I should have just made and used my own. I think it would have come out better.

Simplicity Pattern #2241


We actually haven’t worn our new clothes yet. I’m saving them for Mother’s Day when we’ll get together with family. I’m not sure how the dress will go over with my daughter, because 4-year-olds can be fickle. But, if I can get one decent (again, fickle) picture of us together, well, I’ll be happy!

Wearing my new Grainline Studio Scout Tee



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