Announcing My Baby Naming Guide


I wrote a baby naming guide! I titled it, “Choosing the Most Perfect Name for Your Baby: Demystifying the Naming Process and Honoring Your Heart.” I started out my copywriting career doing a bit of professional naming—creating monikers for brands, companies, products, technologies, etc.. I loved it. When I had my own kids, and had to name them, I realized that the professional naming process could be bent to help expecting parents.

I’ll be the first one to say it, parents don’t need my guide to name their baby. It’s not like there is a nameless baby problem. But, what my guide does is expose the process. Once parents are aware of that process, the discussions around names and the final decision can be made with a bit more ease and confidence.

The guide is not a huge list of names. It does 3 things: It lays out the groundwork you need to do in order to figure out what kind of name you want. Then, it goes on to describe those different types of names. Finally, there is a list of different evaluations you can do as you sift through your list of name ideas.

Friends, this is a passion project. I love baby names! So, I paired my copywriting experience with my intuition as a mom and wife and wrote the guide. I’ve made it available through Amazon’s Kindle program, because I want to share it with the whole world! Head on over to get your own e-copy of “Choosing the Most Perfect Name for Your Baby: Demystifying the Naming Process and Honoring Your Heart.”

2 Things I Tried in 2016 That I Won’t Do in 2017

2016 brought a career change: freelancing. One of the joys I get from freelancing is trying new things. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. Pretty much the second half of 2016 was trying new things. There were a couple that I have decided just are not the right route or not for me.

My office “inspiration” wall.

First, I tried contacting businesses that started following me on Instagram (tbudco) or had liked a few of my pictures. I figured they noticed me and I’d reach out and offer my copywriting services. This took a lot of time, because I would go to their Instagram account, see what they did, find their URL and become familiar with their offerings. Then, I’d track down an email address and send them a note complementing their work and explaining what I did.

I contacted 6 different businesses in this manner. I received a response from most of them. They were friendly, but the amount of time I was taking to personalize my emails was detracting from other tasks. Also, I noticed that some accounts will like my last 3 pictures and then nothing more. Sometimes I get follows from accounts that are selling insulated cups? I have no clue. Anyway, it just takes too much time to sort out the genuine interest and research. That’s not to say I won’t completely ditch this idea. I just may wait until I know I someone is following/liking/commenting because they’re interested in copywriting. (I have been posting more about writing since I’ve started freelancing.)

The other thing? Selling stuff on eBay. This was supposed to be a “just for fun” kind of thing. I knew that freelancing would be slow at times and I thought this would be a cool way to fill the free time while earning a buck or two.

Shipping is a mess that I don’t have the disposition to figure out. First off, I was trying to sell low-end stuff: clothes I had, cool dishware, etc.. So, the margins were kind of low. Trying to figure out what size boxes I needed and how to ship was just beyond me and I’m sure the cost of shipping just didn’t make purchasing my items worth it. Also, taking decent photos is not my forte.

I still have everything that I was trying to sell (which, thankfully, was only about 8 items). I’ll keep the dishware because I love it. But, I also have a set of 4 Orla Kiely for Target place mats that I kind of dig, but am willing to part with…send me an offer! Ha!

Want them? Send me an offer!

What can I say? Live and learn! And, it’s nice to get these two ideas crossed off my “to try” list.

Open for Business

This week, I announced that I am freelance writing. This is after 8 years of writing for both an agency and corporation. I love writing. And, I love copywriting for a living. After receiving the news this past spring that the website I was working for was being shut down, I took a couple of months to tidy up my portfolio and resume as well as reach out to people in the industry who could provide advice and perspective. I called this “cocooning.”

Freelancing seemed like the best and natural step to take. I’ve always wanted to try it, but the opportunity to make the leap never presented itself, until now. I’m most excited about being able to use the full range of my skills (and maybe developing a few others). Not to mention, I want to build a client list that spans the nation.

My “About” page is updated to include my philosophy on copywriting. Check it out.

If you’re interested in taking a look at my portfolio and resume, by all means send me an email at tbudco(at)gmail(dot)com. Or, find me on LinkedIn.

Here’s to new beginnings and fun adventures!

Downloading the Kindle Reading App & Kindle Books

Now that I’ve published a couple of essays (and more are to come) on Amazon via their Kindle publishing program, I want to make it easy for readers to access these essays. One of the attractive things about Kindle, is that you don’t need the actual device in order to read pieces that are published in the Kindle format. You just need the Kindle app!

I personally don’t have a Kindle, but I do have an iPhone. Here’s how to get the app and books onto your phone (and I’m assuming you follow the same–or similar–steps to get it onto your smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Let’s get started:

1. From a desktop or laptop computer, go to Amazon and click on a Kindle book. One of my essays will work:

Download_01_FinalWhere it says “Send me the link” enter your preferred email address or mobile phone number. Be sure to use an email address you can access on the device you want to install the app on.

2) On your device, open your email and click the link provided.

Download_02_FinalThe app should automatically start downloading.

3) Head back to your desktop or laptop and go to the essay you want to download:

Download_03_FinalClick “Buy now with 1-Click.” If it’s a free item, then you won’t go to a payment page. You’ll be directed to a confirmation page.

4) Be sure it is sent to the correct device.

Download_04_FinalIf for whatever reason, you have 2 devices listed (I don’t know how I ended up with 2 iPhones), just click the correct device for it to be sent again.

5) From your device, open your app and get reading!

Download_05_FinalHere’s where I had a little trouble. In my “Books” menu, I couldn’t see my newly downloaded book. Until, I clicked on “device” at the bottom of my phone’s screen. Ding! It appeared and I’m able to read it!

Let’s hope that these directions work for other devices! Leave a comment with any tips or tricks you may have.

Happy reading!