Hi, I’m Theresa B. Combs the quilter, sewist, and writer behind T-Bud Co. Creative. I officially declared sewing and quilting as my “craft major” in 2017, but I’ve dabbled in crafts of all kinds since I was a kid. My mom is a prolific quilter, so I grew up around the craft.

By trade, I’m a copywriter and have written the words on everything from websites to cereal boxes (no, really!). This blog is a way for me to keep writing while I show and tell you about what I’m making and, sometimes, the things that feed my creativity. By showing and telling about my work, I hope to inspire you to make, and help you refine your skills, all while connecting with other makers.

Follow along by clicking the “follow” link to the right. Feel free to reach out by filling out the Contact form.

Hop over to my Glossary to read the definitions to sewing and quilting terms I use along with relevant links to projects and tutorials.


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