Copywriting Tip: Bring Your Product to Life with Words

Grainline Studio Scout Tee 01
Grainline Studio Scout Tee Printed Pattern

Grainline Studio brought their Scout Tee to life on the front of the envelope of the printed pattern. The copy starts with a description of the design (cap sleeves, scoop neck) and fit (fitted at shoulders; relaxed below bust). The last line, though, really brings the garment to life: “Perfect on its own for spring and summer and a great layering piece under blazers and cardigans the rest of the year.”

Grainline Studio Scout Tee 02
A description of the garment and how/when to wear it brings it to life, making the purchasing decision easier to make.

With that copy, I could easily imagine how and when I’d wear the shirt. Because of that, I was compelled to purchase the pattern–and make the shirt. When your customers can read how your product fits into their lives, it is that much easier for them to make the decision to purchase. Take the time to bring your product to life with words. Especially if photography isn’t an option due to printing space, budget constraints, or any other restrictions.

Click on over here to see my completed Scout Tee.

*If you have the eye of a proofreader, you’ll notice the typo in “Its fitted at the shoulders…” Yup, mistakes happen.

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