Thirty Before 30 Update: Numbers 17, 27 & 30

30 Before 30 List
The Final Thirty Before 30 List

Why am I lumping these three seemingly different goals together? Because I have quasi-completed them–go me! They’re goals that part of the way into my year, I thought, well, that’s kind of lame and doesn’t make sense. Let me explain.

17. Have a monthly date night: It’s just me and my husband. In reality, every night is date night: dinner together as we discuss our days or big plans for the future. Each weekend is retreat where we cook more complicated recipes. I bake desserts. We go on hikes. We have standing workout dates. Sometimes we mix things up and go to Costco on Fridays after work. Life is good. Maybe I don’t want to become a 2-pet household (see #18).

27. Join–or start my own–book club: Who was I kidding? I have yet to discover a friend who shares my passion for memoirs and marketing/creative industry books. Instead, I’ve started using Goodreads. Find me there as T-Bud Combs, especially if you just read a good book about branding.

30. Learn to swim: Again, who was I kidding? I’m like a cat. I hate water. Maybe if that “swimming instructor” hadn’t yelled at me in seventh grade to, “Relax! Relax! Relax” whilst trying to teach me how to float, I wouldn’t be so resistant to donning a skin-tight and skin-baring suit and going for a dip. But, you know what I did do before I turned 30 that I’ve been just as resistant to? Mom, Dad, I joined a gym. That’s right. I even went to yoga class. I have even gone to a couple of spinning classes. Much to my surprise, I do kind of like going to the gym. Go figure. No PE teachers to deal with or kids who are disappointed with your lack of coordination because they really, really care about the sport of flag football.

Thirty Before 30 Update: Number 9

30 Before 30 List
The Final Thirty Before 30 List

9. Take a yoga class:  Last Tuesday, I did it. I headed out at the ridiculous hour of 7:00 in the evening to my gym and attended the only yoga class that I can make due to my work schedule. (Apparently doing yoga at 9:30am during the week is a trend.)

Now, I’ve only done what I call “living room yoga”–I open my yoga how-to book, spread out my mat in an open area of my house (the living room works) and do some poses. The instructor at this class kept things moving fast. I didn’t have time to really observe what was required of the pose before I started. (Add some peer pressure to that, too. You don’t want to be the only ding dong who’s not doing what they’re supposed to.) Also, it was like a game of Twister sans the colorful mat: put your left hand here while doing this with your right foot. Full disclosure: I’m horrible at keeping my left and right straight. Same with east and west. I’m stellar at knowing what’s up and down, north and south, though. So, it was hard, but the hour was over quickly.

In the afternoon of the day after, as with most new exercises, I started to feel soreness creep up into my shoulders. And, then a horrendous kink-in-my-neck feeling, except it was deep in my back. It made breathing deeply uncomfortable. But, is this really any surprise? Here’s a New York Times article from almost a year ago that explores the harms of yoga. I just may fall into the camp of people who should stay away.

But, all was not lost. I may go again (perhaps the weird soreness was a one-off experience) or if I never return, I just may start doing my living room yoga again (that never resulted in more-uncomfortable-than-usual soreness). Or, I just may go to a different class–try Pilates or, better yet, water aerobics.