Ready for a Drought…or the Apocalypse

Milk Jugs of Rainwater

In lieu of investing in a second rain barrel and figuring out where to set it up and how to hook gutters to it, I’m storing water in milk jugs. Here’s my reasoning. If I can keep my rain barrel from being 100% full, then the next time it rains, it can fill up with that much more water instead of overflowing. So, if there’s ever a drought or things are looking a little rough, I know I have the most water I could possibly have and my garden will stay hydrated.

Plus, I’m reusing these milk jugs giving them a second life as a pretty good watering can.

Plus, if the apocalypse comes, I will not hesitate to boil this water for drinking and cooking.

Winter Hiking

Yellow Springs Hike 2009

On Monday, it finally snowed. And, it was finally cold. After a leisurely morning of coffee and chores, I donned my L.L. Bean boots and down jacket and headed out to the wooded park behind my house. Within minutes, I remembered just how much I love winter hiking.

In winter, trails and parks are not crowded. All vegetation is dormant, making it easier to traverse the trails without the sting of nettles or the worry of poison ivy. There’s no heat and humidity to make your clothes sticky and your mood cranky. Most importantly, there are no spider web traps strung across the trail to catch you with that creepy-crawly feeling of a fine fibers you just can’t brush off.

It’s quiet. It’s calm. It’s peaceful. It’s my favorite time to hike.