Copywriting Tip: Getting Started

Questions to ask when you’re staring at a blank page.

When you’re staring at a blank page, trying to write copy for your latest marketing piece, start by asking these questions:

  1. Who are you talking to?
  2. What they need to know?

Recently, I had someone reach out asking for help with writing a page for their website. They didn’t know what exactly they wanted or needed. This makes it tough for them (and for me!), but if you start with these basic questions, you can easily get on track.

The first question can be answered a lot of different ways. You may have data insights that tell you age, geographic location, and all kinds of good information. But, don’t worry if you do not have that level of information. Even if you are just making a really good guess at who your audience is, it will help.

The second question can be tricky. There’s a difference between what you want your customer to know and what they need to know. Here’s an anecdote from my personal experience to bring this to life.

Back when I finally decided to get a smartphone, I went into my provider’s shop to pick out a phone. I was leaning heavily towards the iPhone, but wasn’t 100% sure. So, when the salesperson approached me, I told him I was looking at an iPhone, but was open. And, I let him tell me about Android phones.

He started listing off a bunch of benefits and features (at the time) of Android phones: better for movies and games, larger screen, etc.. Every benefit was “meh” to me, because I didn’t want a smartphone to watch movies and play games on. He didn’t ask me what I was looking for in a smartphone, which (at the time) was to take pictures, access social media, and browse the internet. If he had asked that first, he would have been able to tell me how Android phones were able to do those tasks…or tell me that an iPhone was the better choice.

Sometimes, telling your customer what they need to know just means prioritizing the benefits of your product/service differently within your copy. Tell one group of customers about the convenience. Tell another group about the quality. Simply, tell them about the benefits that are most helpful to them.

Once you know the answers to those 2 questions, the information you need to include in your copy will become clear and the words will come easy.

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