Copywriting Tip: Help Your Customer Choose the Right Product for Them

Bed Bath & Beyond Mailer

This one comes from the latest mailer I received from Bed Bath & Beyond. In general, you need to tell your customer about the product benefit first (how it helps them) and then tell them about the features (how it does what it does, also known as the “reason to believe”).

In many cases like curtains, the benefit is generally understood: block out light, create privacy, and/or decoration. Now what? Of course, you can tell them about the features—quality fabrics, designer styles—but go above and beyond and walk them through selecting the perfect curtains for them, like this little “Windows 101” blurb does.

Bed Bath & Beyond “Windows 101” Blurb

Bonus: your brand/company looks like an expert and we know from one of my previous copywriting tips, this starts to build customer trust.

When should you do this? Well, it’s all about knowing your customer. If you’re an insider, selecting window treatments may seem easy, duh. But, some people aren’t interior designers and haven’t thought about window treatments ever—maybe they’re furnishing their first home. Are you writing for one of those people? Then, help them through the decision-making process. A quick look at Bed Bath & Beyond’s website shows they have 1,858 window curtains and drapes. That’s a lot! Help the customer by writing simple instructions.

In short, know who your customer is and help them choose the right product.

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