Copywriting Tip: Pick the Perfect Details

Rifle Paper Copy
Rifle Paper Co. Packaging

“The devil is in the details,” they say, but the brand is in them, too. I recently purchased some Rifle Paper Co. Valentine’s Day cards. Of course I flipped the package over and read every bit of copy. To repeat that these cards are printed in the USA (it’s already in the “Made in USA” at the bottom) and to explain how the sets are hand-assembled in their Florida studio does a lot to express the Rifle Paper Co. brand.

None of the copy there in the middle is necessary, but it paints a picture of the company caring about the cards as much as the person ordering them does. This is stationery–a personal, caring touch is what it’s all about! “Studio” brings to life the artistic value of these cards. “Florida” further brings the brand to life. It doesn’t feel like a big, anonymous company.

That’s all to say, the details you choose to include or exclude from your package copy matters. It exposes what your brand cares about and what it stands for. While packaging has a lot of requirements, the copy you put into the empty spaces can have a huge impact.

The key is to carefully select the details. There’s no need to put every single little detail of your brand or company’s story onto a package. And, don’t feel pressured to exaggerate the details in an attempt to make your story sound like you think it should. Every brand and company has a unique perspective and the details will show it and connect with your customer.

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