My Pineapple Obsession Continues

The pineapple trend of 2017 continues for me. It seems I just can’t get enough. And, I keep spotting them everywhere.

Here’s a roundup of pineapple motifs I’ve seen since I first confessed my obsession.

Girls’ Pineapple Tank

When your kid “shares” your obsession, you’ve got permission to buy her a pineapple shirt.

I discovered fabric with pineapples! The pattern on the left is my favorite here. Oh, the possibilities!

A bit of pineapple decor. I love the gold finish on the left. They were candles. I just want the container. Christmas decor is starting to come out and thank goodness someone is making pineapple ornaments!

Pineapple Lamp

This piece of pineapple decor deserves its own pic. I love, love, love the shade that has outlines of the pineapple crown in gold. The texture of the base is fabulous, too.

Even more: an (upside down) beach chair, beach towel, and backpack.

And, finally, stamps and a lustrous pattern on a photo box.

I don’t know when my obsession with the crowned fruit will be over or if it will prove to be a lifelong affliction. All I know is I still can’t get enough!


2 thoughts on “My Pineapple Obsession Continues

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