The 2017 IKEA Catalog

I finally received the 2017 IKEA catalog. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I saw it pop up on my social media feed a month ago. One thing I did with last year’s catalog was peep at leafs. I have a thing for indoor plants. I don’t know why, but I seeing them in catalogs and those “home tour” pics.

Let’s take a look at the plants in IKEA’s latest catalog!

Even the cover has some nice greenery!

Monsteras are still so very hot. But this plant trend is evolving towards the single monstera leaf in a vase. Observe:

And, if you don’t want to care for your own monstera plant just to snip off leaves to achieve this trend, IKEA has this handy faux option:

It’s 31.5″ long. Maybe you want to get a bucket.

There are so many other plants:

And, still, more:

And, more:

This interior shot:


It doesn’t have any plants, but looking at it, I am reminded of my high school art classroom–the cement floor, the natural lighting, the cluttered organization. I didn’t take many art classes, but I was an aide for the art teacher my senior year. She had a couple of plants that I was tasked with watering every Friday. One was a jade plant. I faithfully watered it every week, because I was told to and I am inherently a rule follower. The leaves started to shrivel. (You’re not supposed to water them THAT often, unless they truly need it.) The teacher told me about the distress the plant was in. And, despite being counseled on my plant care, the jade still suffered. I think the teacher was annoyed.

If you need help with your green thumb, IKEA even included tips and tricks:

IKEA tips and tricks for indoor plants.
IKEA tips and tricks for indoor plants.

This isn’t a plant, but I feel like this chair captures the tropical essence a lot of indoor plants have.

Is this going to look dated in a few years?

Oh, and proof that I’m not the only leaf-peeper out there, IKEA included this pic:

Painting terra cotta pots is my jam!

Take a pic, then put it on a shelf:

So good, the plants and the pots!

There you have it! Now I have the urge to buy a few more plants, paint some pots, and relish in the fresh and natural feeling plants bring to a space.

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