Name Mix-Ups

Name tag required.

Did your mom yell out your siblings’ names before she got to yours? (Do YOU list out all of your children’s names before getting to the right one?) Ends up, we’re not losing our minds. This article from NPR explains why our brains scramble names. (We keep our loved ones’ names in the same “brain folder!”) This probably explains why when I was in elementary school I called my teachers “mom” at least once a year. Oops! But, my teachers were great!

When naming baby #2, #3…#100, you may worry about choosing a name that sounds too similar to your older children’s names. I say, don’t sweat it! You’re going to mix their names up anyway! Haha!

Are you expecting? Congratulations! If you need help figuring out how to go about the difficult task of picking a name for your baby, check out my guide, Choosing the Most Perfect Name for Your Baby: Demystifying the Naming Process & Honoring Your Heart.*

*Of course I earn money with each purchase of my guide, because I wrote it! But, this is my passion project and unless it gets Oprah-level attention, I won’t be retiring any time soon. I appreciate your support and I hope that my guide helps you select the most perfect name for your baby!

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