Do You Look Like Your Name?

I stumbled across an article about how people can identify someone based on their name with surprising accuracy. That is, we look like our names. I think there is a lot of cultural things going on with this.

But, it’s still fun to think about whether you look like your name. Have you ever been called the wrong name? By multiple people? I once was called “Heather” at my college job. Which probably had a lot to do with the fact that it was my cohort’s name. But then, I moved 300 miles back home for the summer and someone at work called me “Heather!”

To further (unscientifically) test this theory that we look like our names, I decided to do a Google image search of “Theresa” to see what other Theresas look like and if I fit in. (My pic is in the upper right, highlighted in red for comparison.)

Such lovely Theresas.

I guess we all look pretty similar. And, as a bonus Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, from the NBC soap opera Passions, came up as the first image! Heck yes!

Google your first name. Do you look like the results?

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*Of course I earn money with each purchase of my guide, because I wrote it! But, this is my passion project and unless it gets Oprah-level attention, I won’t be retiring any time soon. I appreciate your support and I hope that my guide helps you select the most perfect name for your baby!

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