40 Before Forty Update

I’m going to resurrect by 40 Before Forty List! Yessss! Can you believe it’s been 4 years since I turned 30? Yeah, me neither. The great thing about living through my 20s and 4 years of solid 30s, is that I’m much more in tune with what I like doing, what I can do, and what I absolutely detest. Best of all, I’m 100% okay with all of those! Especially if what I like to do isn’t popular or what I detest is popular. Let’s all dramatically wipe our brows and let out a “Whew!”

I copy and pasted from my last 40 Before Forty list and I’ve made updates!

First update? I changed the way I wrote the title: I went from “Forty Before 40” to “40 Before Forty.” Somehow it just feels right. I do have more years of copywriting experience under my belt now. You know, older wiser, right? Ha!

Updated goals are in bold. As you can see, I have a lot of openings. Any suggestions?

1. Actually celebrate Valentine’s Day: DONE! I did it this past February! My 3-year old is pretty good motivation to go all out. At home, we made decorations, made and sent out cards, baked cookies, and on the big day, I made heart-shaped pizzas for dinner!

Professionally, I purchased a few of Loveland’s official Valentine’s Day cards to send to clients to wish them success in 2017. (I entered a design into the card contest, but didn’t win.) I also sent out a heart-themed newsletter.

I loved celebrating Valentine’s Day. Friends and family don’t expect Valentine’s cards, so it’s a fun way to brighten up February. I’ll be keeping up these new traditions.

2. Finish my chicken wall hanging and get it hung in my kitchen: DONE! I can’t remember when I finished this, but it’s been on my kitchen wall for a few years now. In fact, it’s been there so long that I realize I didn’t properly position the hangers. It droops a little bit. Now, I need to take it down and fix the hangers to alleviate the droopiness!

Just a little droopy at the top. It’s probably the most adventurous quilting/sewing project I’ve done.

3. Pitch my book idea: Didn’t get done before 30, because it’s still percolating. Definitely will be ready by the time I turn 40.

4. Decorate the half bathroom: I have a vision. I just need to get focused and create a plan.

5. Attend the Modern Quilt Guild’s Quiltcon: Last year, through the magic of hashtags on Instagram, I discovered not only #quiltcon, but the Modern Quilt Guild. In February of 2016, I was furiously thumbing through photos on my phone and following quilters like crazy. I love the art form and craft so much that in June, I joined the guild. (It’s really not that expensive!) This year, I was excited for the convention, because I knew my feed would be filled with eye candy.  So, it’s my dream to attend the convention one day and see all those beautiful quilts in person.





10. Do the Little Miami Triathlon: This is what I originally wrote about this goal: “My knee still hurts after riding for several miles due to an epic bike ride in Alaska in 2011. I will accomplish this or something similar.” Honestly, meh. I’m not too much into this. Maybe some more 5Ks? My knee is still sensitive to bike riding. So maybe I’ll just stick to jogging/walking.


12. Host a brunch: I’m not so much into this anymore. I still like making quiche, but really, why call it that when you can say “breakfast casserole.” I’ll have to rethink this. Honestly, hosting people isn’t my jam. It’s not about the people, it’s about cleaning my house beforehand. (Don’t ask about the tidiness of my home.)


14. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail: Question mark. Not sure how I feel about this.

15. Learn to hambone: Actually, I’m almost there. Ha!



18. Become a 2-pet household: I’ve got a 2-kid household now. Hello, 30s! My cat Corey passed while I was pregnant with my first kid and we just wanted to focus on the kid. I might want a loftier goal. Chickens, maybe?








26. Peep at some leaves on the East Coast: DONE! In September of 2013, my husband and I spent a week on the East Coast, mostly in Bar Harbor, Maine. It was fantastic. The trip was like a babymoon. I was 6 months pregnant.


28. Learn the names of trees: This is an ongoing project and I hope to have a few trees committed to memory by the time I’m 40.













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