Fast Fashion Made Slow

I’m frugal by nature. Which leads me to purchase inexpensive clothing. I’m well aware of the Slow Fashion movement. So, while I may purchase cheap clothes, I try to make them last. Here’s an example.

Bad lighting and wrinkles, I know.

I purchased this cat dress at Target. I actually wore it as a maternity dress. The empire waist rested just above my belly and the dress fit more like a tunic, which I paired with leggings. But, being fast fashion, the quality wasn’t there. See the trim around the armpits? It bled. Gross. Washing it didn’t help.

Gross. Was it my deodorant that made it bleed? How come it didn’t do this around the neckline?

But other than that, the dress was in good shape. So, I turned it into a skirt. I simply took out the seam at the waist and removed the thin strip of elastic. I folded down the top and stitched it down to create a casing for new, wider elastic. I slipped in the elastic and stitched it into a loop. Finally, I stitched up the casing.

Wrinkles, still. And, a little mistake or two.

Voila! A skirt! Now, it’s pretty short and pretty see-through, but I plan to pair it with leggings.

Fashion slowed down just a little bit–a fast fashion alternative. As a bonus, I got a chance to work on my sewing skills!


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