Farewell, 2016!

Hi folks!

It’s that time of year: the end! Things have been quiet. I’ve been reading, celebrating the holidays and generally making lists of things I need to do around my house, but not actually doing them–yet.

I know that this year has “taken” a lot of celebrities, but I’m not a pop culture wizard, so I’ll leave those eulogies to the experts. Ditto the big political events.

I will talk about what happened to me this year. I was laid off! I took the generous severance and cocooned. I decided it was time to try freelance writing (I’ve been working as a copywriter for 8 years). I’m still learning the ropes and figuring things out, but part of me wonders if working for yourself will always feel like that. Maybe it should–if you’re not learning, you’re not keeping up and staying relevant?

While it’s always jarring to walk into work like any other day and be sat down a couple of hours before lunch and told that it’s coming to an end, I took advantage of the situation. I did my research. I looked at the whole spectrum of possibilities. I reflected on what I want to do and like to do. I talked with my husband. I considered my family. I reached out to people in the industry and asked for their advice. About four months in, I know I made the right decision and I’m excited to tackle 2017 with my new employment!

No year-end blog post would be complete with a rundown of the most popular posts, right? Well, I have two stand-out posts. The first was my Fashion Confessional. It got a lot of hits because I posted the link to Facebook, which I don’t normally do. But, it still got more hits than other posts I promoted in the same way. When I wrote it, I figured it was pretty trite. I mean, who isn’t talking about body image on the internet? But then, this piece was pretty much written while I was actually going through my closet. I brought a pad of Post-It notes and a pencil into the closet with me and wrote notes as I tried on clothes that no longer fit. Maybe it’s my most honest post–one that captures my true voice.

Next and finally, is a post I wrote in 2011: Catalogs Doing It Right. This post gets a lot of hits via Google searches. Don’t ask me what people are looking for. Are there people trying to figure out the mail-order business? Or aspiring copywriters who want to write for catalogs? (Just in case someone is looking at this, I am a copywriter who would love to write for a catalog!) This post wasn’t as off the cuff as “Fashion Confessional”, but it’s about something that very, very much interests me. I still love catalogs. It’s like daydream-shopping. Instead of quick-clicking, comparing, trying to find the best deal of online shopping, catalog shopping is slow motion. But, you get to flip through those pages as many times as you want, looking at dreamy backdrops, putting yourself into the clothes and imagining what life would be like if you took a super-fun trip to the mountains. Or how that skirt will highlight your perfectly toned calves…just as soon as you perfectly tone them.

I’m excited for 2017. Maybe next week I’ll write about some of the things I hope to get into in the new year. For now, enjoy the slowness of the end of the year!

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