November Writing

Inspired by National Novel Writing Month, I have challenged myself to write 500 words a day in November. I know, I know, that’s way short of the 50,000-word goal that the challenge sets. But, here’s the thing, I’m not writing a novel (it’s a mix of non-fiction and short fiction) and I don’t think that I have the time to write THAT many words.

I like my goals to be achievable so I don’t get discouraged. If I can put in the effort and reasonably reach my goal, my motivation starts to snowball. (I’m secretly hoping that this will become a 365-day kind of thing.)

I’ve also given myself the flexibility of writing 500 words a day or 15,000 words at the end of the month. Some days I’m full of it and others I’m either uninspired or don’t have the time. Once again, it’s all about achievable goals that will increase my motivation.

I’m going to share some snippets of what I’ve written. So far, I haven’t written anything amazing. It’s a lot of rambling, but, boy, has it felt good just to clickety-clack away at my keyboard!

Here’s what I’m going to share with you today:

When I moved to Atlanta to attend a portfolio school, I didn’t have money to spend on this and that. I also didn’t want to acquire too many things as I had moved from Alaska in a Ford Taurus and packed most of my possessions. I planned to move after school in the same manner: if it didn’t fit, it wasn’t coming. While I did browse stores, I rarely bought anything and then only items I really needed. I became a master of purging before purchase. If something caught my eye and I felt that familiar lust bubble up, I thought forward to how I would use it. Do I already own something similar? Would I be able to incorporate it into my routines? Do I have the time to use it? Do I have the space to store it?

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