Coffee Mug

The mug I had been using at work for several months came home with me when the parent company decided to shut down the e-commerce site I was writing for. That’s when I noticed that the cup may not be perfectly round, like cups are supposed to be. It suddenly took the form of an oval, stretching east to west, the handle being east.

Were my eyes deceiving me? Did I just not notice this before? How could I not? But then, the unemployed days that followed spent at home were slower. A 3-load day of laundry defined “busy.” Dinners were innovations and ideations. My kids were the chatty co-workers who didn’t allow me to get anything done. (And, no, I couldn’t request cubicle walls to decrease the small talk.) Every lunch was a long one, usually stretched out with errands that were only necessary because I had to get out of the house. Coffee was counterintuitively consumed by at least one more cup than before, even though I started getting more sleep than I ever did with my 2-hour round-trip commute.

Which may be the real reason I noticed the coffee mug.

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