The 2016 IKEA Catalog

It’s here! It’s here! Okay, it was here. I received my IKEA catalog in the mail a couple of weeks ago–and now it’s probably at the bottom of the pile that is my kitchen table, because the recycling bin is only 2 feet away, yet so, so far.

I love a good catalog. As demonstrated here and here and here. So, why don’t we look through the IKEA one together. It’ll be fun!


“Consumers vs. People.” Meh. This is marketing speak. Maybe customers and consumers prefer to be called “people,” but let’s face it, we know they’re people.


Oh my goodness. I cannot take this. Really? This is your opener? Let’s look up “expectation.” Hmmm… Okay, now let’s take a look at “anticipation.” Ah. So I think their first two examples of “expectations,” the party and vacation, are really examples of anticipation: sweet, sweet excitement. The home expectations are truly expectations: a feeling about how successful or good something is going to be. (Hey, aren’t we all expected to have a spotless, well-organized home and cook dinner every night? And we seem to fall short of those expectations…or maybe it’s just me.) The pre-feelings about the party and vacation could be expectations, too, and end up the same way: your friend forgot the dip and it rained the entire week you were at the beach. But what they’re referring to is that happy excitement anticipating a fun event. It’s like IKEA was stretching their idea a little too hard and far.

Then I thought, well, they are a Swedish company, right? Maybe something got lost in translation. Alas, they hire American copywriters:


This, by the way has to be the most meta thing I’ve ever seen: Copy about a copywriter. Or, the new word these days: content about a copywriter, wait, metacontent?

This year, it seems like they stepped up their content game. There’s an article every few pages.


Along with the usual catalog-style copy that hit on some good insights.


(My whole dining room table needs to be one big tray.)


This one made me sad, though. Awww, aren’t we supposed to be encouraging outdoor play?

There are little things I noticed, too. Like this:


Is that a legit man bun or just a fluffy pony tail? I haven’t been able to sleep because I keep trying to figure this out.


Standing desks are so hot right now. So on-trend.


Sharp thinking, yes. Okay. Sliced carrot shadow! Wait! What are my eyes seeing?!?

Finally, my absolutely favorite thing about the IKEA catalog: leaf peeping. (I have a secret passion for houseplants.)

In order to envision myself here, I have to ignore the fact that my feet would fall asleep and my tailbone would start to ache after 15 minutes. But, that tall, draping plant? Count me in!
Do you make lemonade here? With all these plants? I don’t care. I want to do it.
It’d be like showering in the jungle. Or, at least a greenhouse. I’ll take it.
I love this, but I just have visions of cats and small children knocking everything over.
Monstera plants are so hot right now. So on-trend.
I spotted the cacti first and then I noticed the blurry leaf in the foreground. Very sneaky, IKEA, playing with my eye like that.

There you have it. Now I have to unearth the catalog and put it in the recycle bin.

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