Music, Hipster Tendencies

I love Pandora. I love how it discovers fresh music for me. Artists that I didn’t know existed—and for a while, artists I thought no one else knew existed. What, you haven’t heard of them? They’re soooooo good.

Eventually, my avoidance of concerts of any type (too loud and way too late on “school nights”), would indicate to any real music enthusiast that, truly, I was a poser (is that just a skateboarder term?) or fraud.

In the height of my exclusive music phase, I really dug a particular track. I liked it on Pandora and would crank it up on my earbuds when it played while listening at work. Then, one day, I was in a hardware/home improvement store—a big box one, located in the suburbs. As I was pushing around my cart gathering some DIY materials, I’m sure, the track came on the store sound system. At first, there was a bit of pep in my step, but then I realized where I was—and my first inclination was to denounce the song and remove it from my Pandora station.

There I was.

Disliking a song because it had flowed into the mainstream. That’s when I realized I had a problem, well, two. First, I have hipster tendencies. Second, I am a mainstream junkie. This isn’t a paradox. Both cannot co-exist. So, I ditched the hipster tendencies. Shoot, I was already shopping in a big box store in the ‘burbs.

I may not be the first to discover what I like, but when I find it, it’s soooooo good.

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