4th Grade Musings: November 16, 1992

To learn about the origin of my 4th Grade Musings series, go here. Spelling and punctuation have not been altered. Notes are my present self’s.

Thanksgiving day we were about to eat our dinner when all of a sudden our dinner started to dance! The turkey was dancing with the mashed potatos! the celary was dancing with the stuffing! The gravy was dancing with the pumpkin pie! My brother(1) turned on some rap music and the food went wild!(2) Then my sister(3) turned on this soft mushy music and the food started to kiss each other!(4) Then the food danced out of are house and got ran over!(5) So we called out for pizza. (It was pepparoni pizza.) Ever since that day we never never never ever ever ever had turkey. So now you have heard the most wakeyest Thanksgiving dinner story.(6)

(1) Not sure which one out of the three I have.

(2) 1990s rap music has that effect.

(3) Not sure which one out of the two I have.

(4) Ewwww! Gross!

(5) Wow, that was unexpected. Especially since I grew up on a quasi-dead end.

(6) You’re welcome.

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