Modest Mouse

When I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2008, I quickly set my sights on a handsome-ish designer at the agency I moved to work for. I went to a school that specialized in design, so at the time, I could hold my own with graphic designers despite being a word nerd. I either asked him to lunch or asked him to ask me to lunch. (Smooth, you know.)

He professed to like concert posters—collect them and design them. (Totally hot.) After that declaration, there was the mandatory discussion of bands and music. I mentioned Modest Mouse. I took a risk. They had been on Saturday Night Live in 2004. (Isn’t that a sign you’ve finally flowed into the mainstream?) For music buffs, mainstream just isn’t worthy. The more obscure the better. And, no shit, handsome designer goes, “Modest Mouse? Huh, I’ll have to check them out.”

“Really? You haven’t heard of Modest Mouse?!” I mean, even I was way behind discovering them. Of course, I didn’t say this, because I wasn’t ready to ruin my chances.

What ruined his chances was offering up a band (name has been withheld because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings) that after some listening, was so not good. It was so not tuned to my frequency. And, go figure, handsome-ish designer? He was so not tuned to my frequency.

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