4th Grade Musings: November 2, 1992

To learn about the origin of my 4th Grade Musings series, go here. Spelling and punctuation have not been altered. Notes are my present self’s.

One day the most amazing thing happened instead of snowing(1) it rained dead bats! I went out side and bats were all over! I picked up about 99,999,999 bats!(2) Some were cute and fuzzy and yet there were ugly and rough bats. But as you may know I love bats. I was going to have the bats stuffed then I would hang them in my room.(3)

All of a sudden the bats stoped raining. The bats disapered. Then somebody shook me.

I found out I was only dreaming. But it would be nice to have all those bats.

Next time it rains bats it won’t be a dream and I’ll get to keep those bats.(4) Now you can see I love bats an bats love me.(5)

(1) I grew up in Alaska, of course.

(2) This marks the beginning of my fascination with the exclamation point!

(3) I wonder what my two sisters, with whom I shared a room, would have thought of this.

(4) I’m still waiting.

(5) This is completely untrue. Both parts.

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