4th Grade Musings: October 13, 1992

To learn about the origin of my 4th Grade Musings series, go here. Spelling and punctuation have not been altered. Notes are my present self’s.

One day I was in a pumpkin patch. I was looking for a jack-o-lantern. I found a great big one that I was going to take home but suddenly I turned in to a pumpkin.(1)

When I was sleeping I felt a tap on my sholder. Then somebody picked me up. Then they were jabbing me with a knife.(2) Suddenly I could see. Finally I found out I was a jack-o-lantern.

A couple of days later I heard a voice it told me that if I didn’t scare any children that I would get myself back. So on Halloween I did get my body back and ever since I hated Halloween.(3)

(1) Here’s a lesson on the difference between “in to” and “into”. It’s as if I just turned and bumped into a pumpkin, but that’s not what I mean. Read on.

(2) Wow, shit got real, real fast.

(3) While this piece is mostly magical realism, this last sentiment is purely autobiographical. I’ve always hated Halloween.

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