4th Grade Musings: October 5, 1992

To learn about the origin of my 4th Grade Musings series, go here. Spelling and punctuation have not been altered. Notes are my present self’s.

This is the story about what frighten the ghosts so much that they wouldn’t come out on Halloween night.(1)

One night the very bad gobblens when to the ghost’s chianbers. (Nobody goes to the ghost’s chainbers (2)) The gobblens knocked on the door. The ghosts told the gobblens to go away. But the gobblens broke in.(3) The gobblens told the ghosts that Halloween was coming up and that this year it was going to be the worst year ever because the children were not going trick-or-treating that scared the ghosts so much that they skipped scaring the children that Halloween.(4) The gobblens tricked the ghost and they were the ones who scared the children. (5)

(1) This isn’t really my voice, so I’m going to say this was the writing prompt.

(2) Duh.

(3) They probably should have done this in the first place.

(4) I think this is an allegory about how the stock market works.

(5) Boy, don’t those ghosts feel dumb.

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