4th Grade Musings: September 28, 1992

To learn about the origin of my 4th Grade Musings series, go here. Spelling and punctuation have not been altered. Notes are my present self’s.

One day Molly (my best friend) (1) asked me if I could come over and help her with a machine.(2) I told her yes. So after school I went with her to her house. We had a snack. Then we got down to buissness. She brought out a huge machine she told me it was her writing machine it writes every word I say then it tipes out what I said.(3) But it doesn’t work. So I helped her fix it. We were pulling things out and puting things in it. Finelly, we got it fixed. We turned it on and I told Molly I have to go now then the machine printed out, I have to go now. Then we both laughed and the machine printed out, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Then we shut it off because we had eunugh of it.(4)

(1) Pure fiction: I never had a friend named Molly. Although, during my 6-week stay in Portland, OR, I rented a room from a woman named Molly. We are not best friends.

(2) Totally normal for 4th grade girls to, you know, work on machines.

(3) Hmmm, not even a month into the school year and I suspect I was getting tired of the strenuous task of putting pencil to paper. This may be my first satire piece.

(4) You’re only amusing for so long, Writing Machine. Know when to end on a high note and just walk off the stage.

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