Downloading the Kindle Reading App & Kindle Books

Now that I’ve published a couple of essays (and more are to come) on Amazon via their Kindle publishing program, I want to make it easy for readers to access these essays. One of the attractive things about Kindle, is that you don’t need the actual device in order to read pieces that are published in the Kindle format. You just need the Kindle app!

I personally don’t have a Kindle, but I do have an iPhone. Here’s how to get the app and books onto your phone (and I’m assuming you follow the same–or similar–steps to get it onto your smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Let’s get started:

1. From a desktop or laptop computer, go to Amazon and click on a Kindle book. One of my essays will work:

Download_01_FinalWhere it says “Send me the link” enter your preferred email address or mobile phone number. Be sure to use an email address you can access on the device you want to install the app on.

2) On your device, open your email and click the link provided.

Download_02_FinalThe app should automatically start downloading.

3) Head back to your desktop or laptop and go to the essay you want to download:

Download_03_FinalClick “Buy now with 1-Click.” If it’s a free item, then you won’t go to a payment page. You’ll be directed to a confirmation page.

4) Be sure it is sent to the correct device.

Download_04_FinalIf for whatever reason, you have 2 devices listed (I don’t know how I ended up with 2 iPhones), just click the correct device for it to be sent again.

5) From your device, open your app and get reading!

Download_05_FinalHere’s where I had a little trouble. In my “Books” menu, I couldn’t see my newly downloaded book. Until, I clicked on “device” at the bottom of my phone’s screen. Ding! It appeared and I’m able to read it!

Let’s hope that these directions work for other devices! Leave a comment with any tips or tricks you may have.

Happy reading!

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