Pic of the Week #20


You don’t know how sad this makes me. I dropped my Tervis tumbler on our concrete garage floor. And it broke. The lid I will use with other Tervis tumblers and I was able to salvage the patch. Unfortunately, Tervis’s awesome lifetime guarantee doesn’t cover my butter fingers. (Seriously, you can mail back tumblers that are defective and they send you new ones!)

I think it’s an inherited trait from my father to have a deep-seated desire to have the proper drinking vessel. Tervis tumblers have been my proper vessel for a few years now–water, soda and iced coffee all taste great out of them. There’s something cheesy and fun about the patches. Maybe I just like the patches.

I’ll stop now. I could go on for paragraphs and pages.

Have a gooood loooong weeeeekeeeend!

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