Farewell to 2013

This past year has been a mix of losses and gains–sadness and tremendous joy. Let’s reflect through the lens of Instagram (@tbudco).

In February, I turned 30.


My gift from my husband was a greenhouse setup of sorts in our basement–getting me deeper into my gardening hobby.


But, just a few days after my birthday, I lost my Grandma Louise–my namesake grandma and the only grandma I really knew. I drove out to Illinois for her funeral and while it was sad, I did enjoy seeing my mom and seeing (and meeting) all of my aunts and uncles.


Last winter, we got a bunch of snow. I think I’ve finally embraced the Lower 48 spirit, because I called off work a couple of times because I didn’t want to drive in the White Death.


In early April, I found out I was pregnant. And so, we started to think about life at Combs Canyon as a family of three.


In the summer, we tended to the garden that was inhibited a little bit by a rainy season. We still had success with pickling cucumbers, okra, tomatoes and got a few zucchinis.


In September, just as the garden work was winding down, we headed off to Massachusetts and Maine. We visited my aunt and uncle and saw my sister and her two younger kids. Maine has always been on our to-visit list. It’s a beautiful state–it reminded me of my home state, Alaska. Sorry, I don’t have any Instagram pics of the trip.

When we returned, we noticed Corey, our cat, wasn’t his usual self. And, a week or two later we lost him. Losing a cat was a whole lot harder than I ever thought it would be. He was my first “grown-up pet”–I adopted him four months after moving to Cincinnati because I finally had a full-time job and didn’t have plans to move out of town in the near future. Corey was a fine specimen of a cat.


For the rest of the year, we focused on getting ready for the main event.


(Not an Instagram pic.)

Finally, on December 11th, our little girl made her debut! (We gave her my grandma’s name as her middle name.)


For the remaining days of the year? Well, you can bet that we’ve been spending them getting to know the newest addition to Combs Canyon and figuring out this whole parenthood thing.

With the bad comes the good and, for that, I can’t complain. Goodbye, 2013! Hello, new year!

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