Right Now at Combs Canyon

It’s canning season here at the canyon. Boy, is it a lot of work to put up food. But, in the end it’s worth it. We not only enjoy our own canned goods throughout the year, but love giving a few jars to family and friends as Christmas gifts.


We made salsa last weekend. Our garden isn’t large enough to produce 100% of the tomatoes we need, so we used locally grown. And, we did sneak in a few of our own.


Of course we didn’t grow these peaches and I’m pretty sure they’re not local, but they sure are tasty! I’d give a pair of jars and a recipe for cobbler to a friend around the Yuletide.


Now, before we got those peaches we canned straight up, we had about 7 peaches that were on their way out of the fresh department. So, I made up some jam. It was my first solo canning endeavor (usually I only assist my husband as he has a real knack for the process). They look pretty good–we haven’t tried any yet. I’m a little concerned that my fruit chunks are at the top. Maybe I need to work on my fine chopping skill? If you have any advice, please share.

What’s not pictured is pickled green beans and pickles. (Once again, local produce except for a few canyon-grown pickles). So far, canning season is off to a great start!

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