Cookie Showdown

One of my personal beliefs: if you have to work 40 hours a week to make a living, then you should have a homebaked treat in your lunch. My favorite? Cookies. Two. Carefully packed in a non-Ziploc-bag container.

This past week, I noticed something that I’ve been doing ever since I’ve worked 40-hour weeks. When it’s time to eat my cookies, I inspect both and save the one which I suspect to be better to eat last. Because, no one wants to eat a really, really good cookie only to be let down by the second cookie. (This works for other things: sandwich halves, pairs of tangerines, apple wedges, etc..)

What makes a good cookie the best of 2? Inclusions–lots of nuts and chocolate chips. And a soft center bordered by caramelized crispy edges. Sometimes I choose right. Sometimes I don’t.

So, I took pictures of 4 days’ worth of cookies so you could give it a try. Sorry, I don’t have any actual cookies to share with you, just pictures. (Maybe one day I’ll organize a real-life cookie showdown so we can all enjoy homebaked treats together.)


Top or bottom?


Top or bottom?


Top or bottom?


Top or bottom?


Here’s the cookies I chose to eat last: Top, Top, Bottom, Top. If you had paired some of those top cookies together, I think it would have been a tie, though.

Next week: how I separate my M&M’s by color and the order in which I eat them.

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