On Sundays, I Write Letters

Dear Readers,

It’s been some time, hasn’t it? I’ve been keeping busy with this and that–everyday chores and occasions. Today, the temperature has been warm and the sun is out. Ah! Spring, finally. In celebration, I’ll share with you my garden plans for this year. Just yesterday, I pulled some compost out of the bin and incorporated it into my beds. It will probably be a few more weeks before I actually plant any seedlings.

Raised Bed #1

The okra goes in the back as it grows tall. At the end last summer, I was up on my tippy toes harvesting the last of the okra. I’m doubling my okra (I only had two plants last year) in hopes that can pickle more homegrown okra as opposed to that from local farms. (It was still delicious, though.) Pickled okra was a big hit with my family.

I should be able to fit in more pickling cucumber plants (at least four, maybe six). Again, I hope we can pickle more of these. Last year, we ate them fresh as we harvested them. (Not a bad thing.)

Raised Bed #2

In my second bed, I’ll have tomatoes in the back (once again, a tall crop) and zucchini in the front. I’m increasing my zucchini plants by one. This year they’ll have more space than last. Who knew zucchini plants grew so big? There are three things I like to do with zucchini. 1) Grill it. 2) Make it into chocolate zucchini bread. 3) Freeze it to be tossed into spaghetti sauce.

In addition to these two beds, there will be two quasi-hydroponic containers into which four tomato plants will go. This is a decrease of two tomato plants. But, last summer we had two dud plants that only produced 2-4 tomatoes. And, half of my plants were started from seed very late and thus didn’t produce much.

Also, I’ll plant 2-3 basil plants into each bed. I read that they help keep the pests off of tomatoes. I did it last year and I didn’t see any significant issues.

Right now, in my “greenhouse” (a former resident’s dark room in our basement now outfitted with a grow-light ) I have more than enough seedlings. It has been keeping me busy–watering and repotting–but these are chores I love.

Have a good week!



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