On Sundays, I Write Letters

Dear Readers,

Last Wednesday was a treat–it was a snow day. I remember the spring breaks of my youth in Alaska when snow was all but a requirement (and spring break was always in March). So, it was fun to have a heavy late-winter storm.

The day started with coffee in a “for here” mug with frothed milk.


Then, I went to tackle the driveway.


You have to put your back into it.


Truly, nothing is more satisfying. Granted, if I had waited a day, Mother Nature would have taken care of it herself with warmer temperatures.


I took Rasputin out to make some snow rat angels.


And, when I came back inside, I sat down with a cup of hot chocolate to do some good ol’ fashioned writing.

If you got snow in your area, I hope you made the best of it. Now, let’s get on to the comments left this week!




RE: Thirty Before 30 Update: Number 25

Dear Emily,

In all of my time perusing thrift stores, I haven’t seen a broken keyboard (or a working one, for that matter) or a kneeboard. But then, I don’t think I’ve ever been looking. When I acquire one of these items, you will be the first to know.




Dear Alice,

I have yet to patronize the Snooty Fox. I’ve been into a curated Goodwill, though. (Perhaps you have too–the one on Montgomery Road?) I was disappointed. Part of the joy of purchasing secondhand is discovering a deal. When the business knows what they’re selling (designer labels), they tend to charge more. This makes me hesitant to visit the Snooty Fox. But, who knows? Maybe one day I’ll duck in to see what they have to offer!


T. Bud

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