Thirty Before 30 Update: Numbers 20, 21, 22 & 23

30 Before 30 List
The Final Thirty Before 30 List

Once again, why am I lumping these four goals into one post? Well, because they’re all “in progress.” That is to say, they’re never really complete. Once again, let me explain.

20. Blog more: Ta-da! The Thirty Before 30 series has helped me greatly this past year. I can only hope that I will continue to find and write about interesting topics after my 30th birthday has come and gone.

21. Just be: I like making to-do lists. I feel accomplished when I cross items off. But, I also feel like I constantly have to be doing something productive. I’ve given myself a break by allowing myself to just be–sit and relax for a moment or 3. One of my favorite ways to just be is with a cup of coffee.

Coffee with some frothed milk.
Coffee with some frothed milk.


Coffee with waffles.


Coffee in a T cup.
Coffee in a T cup.


Iced coffee.
Iced coffee.


Fancy mocha coffee.
Fancy mocha coffee.


22. Practice patience: Okay, this one is hard. I really, really wish the universe would just consult my schedule before doing things like creating a traffic jam. But, I have practiced patience on at least one occasion. I was stuck in a traffic jam. So, I pulled into a park along the way, put on the tennis shoes I usually keep in my hatch and walked around. By the time I had walked the loop of trail, traffic had subsided. Win-win!

I still need to throw socks into my hatch. I got tiny blisters.


Sharon Woods. It was quite a lovely day to go for a stroll. I'm glad I took a break from the traffic.
Sharon Woods. It was quite a lovely day to go for a stroll. I’m glad I took a break from the traffic.


23. Give people genuine and compassionate feedback: I still find this one difficult. Well, should I say it’s more difficult to tell someone about something they’re doing wrong or in an annoying fashion. (I don’t find it difficult to give compliments.) I had success a few weeks back with a stereo that had mind-numbing bass. I made the point to go talk to the stereo operators before I got to the snapping point. I think this is key. We all know our triggers and to a certain extent we all know we can deal with little annoyances for a short period of time. But, when you don’t foresee an annoyance ending soon, it’s best to talk to the offenders while you’re still cool, calm and collected. And, trust me, I’ve been on the other side of the wall when a neighbor has pounded, the request is dealt with on a more cordial level when no one is riled up.

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