On Sundays, I Write Letters

Dear Readers,

I’ve decided to resurrect a feature from a former blog: letters responding to comments left. A lot of you aren’t leaving comments and that’s okay, but last week, someone did. I don’t want this blog to be two separate one-way dialogs–me talking to myself and then you talking to yourself. On Sundays, I’ll continue the conversation.

Enjoy and let’s start chatting!




RE: Thirty Before 30 Update: Number 13

Dear Alyssa,

First, thank you for your comment. Second, I love that you love my goal. You seem like a goal-oriented person, so I hope that you put “exclusively consume home-baked bread” on your list. Be forewarned, though, once you eat home-baked bread exclusively that “fancy” store-bought bread will taste pathetic and the once delicious sandwiches from your local quasi-high-end deli will fall short of your expectations (unless they are baking their own bread). There is a way around this deli disappointment, though: order the sandwich on a bagel.



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