Thirty Before 30 Update: Number 11

30 Before 30 List
The Final Thirty Before 30 List

11. Step into the world of smartphones:  You probably gathered from my recap of #29 that, yes, I finally got a smartphone. I’m pretty late in reporting this news because, finally in June (2012), I got an iPhone 4S. Just in time for them to introduce the iPhone 5 only a few months later. When I first went into to claim my upgrade from my provider, the phone guy convinced me to wait a couple of weeks for Apple to make a “big” announcement. When Apple didn’t say much about their latest version of the iPhone or I realized it would be months before it came out, I just went ahead and got one.

Phone guy number 2 tried to convince me the Android was the way to go. I asked him why and listened patiently while he explained the pros and cons. Well, my mind was pretty much made up and he didn’t do much to ask me what I was going to use the device for. Sorry, dude. Plus, he scoffed when I refused insurance or an overpriced cover. Hello, Target, where reasonably-priced covers can be purchased, is located a short distance away! Being somewhat in the sales business myself (for a day job I write copy about products to entice customers to buy them), I wonder why sales people always come off as trying to scam me.

That is to say, I don’t have to much to say about this goal being complete beyond contemplating the Willy Lomans of the world. And, I’m happy I joined the future even though I feel like I need to take a break every now and then.

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