Raising Kitty: Holiday Traditions

There’s nothing more that I look forward to than enjoying holiday traditions with my cat. The look of wonder and surprise in Corey’s eyes is the best present this cat mom could ever get. Truly, as a child, I got joy from receiving tons of toys. Now, I feel joy and happiness from experiencing the holidays through Corey’s eyes. Let me share a few of the traditions we celebrate.

Trimming the tree: There’s nothing quite like tromping around a Christmas tree farm in the cold, strapping it to the top of your car, worrying the whole way home if it’s going to fly off or not and getting home to set it up and decorate it. Corey absolutely loves to help: he’ll drink water from the stand, knock down glass ornaments and, my favorite, he’ll scale the trunk sending pine needles everywhere.

The Christmas village: Whether you have a handcrafted village or slowly collect a ceramic town and townsfolk, as soon as it’s set up, I carefully place Corey on the village and we play a hearty round of “Giant Cat Attaches Sleepy Town!”

Gifts: Really, what else do cats want? They’ve been making their own list and checking it twice since two weeks before Halloween. On Christmas morning, you know “Santa’s” done a good job if your cat has sniffed out the ‘nip and ripped open his Christmas mouse (mind you the toy was at the bottom of the loot).

And, my favorite thing to give Corey? Why some cat grass. I’ll start it a week or so before the big day. He’ll chew it, roll in it and then show a distinct disinterest in it until it dries up and dies.

Dinner: With some of the cats my family has adopted, we’d prepare a festive feast like no other for them–boiling the turkey neck and giblets and carefully pulling apart the meat and presenting it to their ravenous bellies. Of course, no more than 20 minutes they would let us know not by telling, but by showing, that turkey just doesn’t agree with their systems.

Tell me, what traditions are you sharing with your cats? Which ones are you starting new this year?


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