Catalogs Doing Great

We all know my love for catalogs, right? Well, as the holiday season descends upon us, catalogs are getting thicker and more abundant. So, I figured I’d share some gems I’ve seen stuffed in my mailbox. They’re my beloved Lands’ End and Eddie Bauer:

Holiday Season 2012 Catalogs

I’d say they’re adding a little je ne sais quoi, but I can tell you exactly what they’re doing that’s caught my attention. First up, Eddie Bauer:

Eddie Bauer Athlete
Eddie Bauer Athletes

The first couple of spreads feature the athletes/guides/whoever they sponsor along with a family member or two all sporting their down. It warms the heart to see the faces of the metaphorical Eddie Bauer family. It’s this personal touch that will have me settling in with a catalog instead of just doing a quick flip and toss.

Next up, Lands’ End:

Lands’ End Book of Yarns

Love, love, love the play on words!

First Yarn

“Irish Fisherfolk?” Seriously? I’d PAY any client/employer of mine if I could use that!

The Next Yarn

“…docile alpacas, grazing on the plateau…” Sigh, take me away! Who does Lands’ End think they are? J. Peterman? Well, maybe they’re not quite there, but I did appreciate the writing in this catalog.

Keep up the good work, Eddie & Lands’!

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