Kitty Cat Names

Corey just doing what he does best.

I looooove names. I’ve named brands and products professionally and in my spare time I dream of names for my future kittens. I’m going to post some of my favorite names for cats. Who knows? Maybe a kitten will one day show up on my doorstep! Euuuuww!

Boy Cat Names:

1. Purrcy: short for Percival. I love, love, love this name! I think it just sounds so regal, yet I adore the play on words that make this name approachable.

2. Rudiger: I’d save this one for a Maine Coon-like cat. Can’t you imagine a Rudiger with all kinds of fluffy fur and big paws? This would definitely be the kind of name I bestow on a cat only once I had seen and met him.

3. Toonces: Ever since the popular SNL skits, I’ve wanted to name a cat this. No explanation other than that needed!

4. Herman: Growing up, we had an outdoor cat named Herman that we inherited from an elderly neighbor when he had passed. This neighbor gave Herman his name and it suited him so well. He was an orange tabby cat with a white underside who seemed to quite enjoy the roaming life of an outdoor cat (he was neutered, FYI).

5. Boris: My dad had a pair of Siamese cats before my time and I’d love to honor my cat heritage by naming a future kitten after, well, basically their grandcat-pa.

Girl Cat Names:

1. Zsa Zsa: She’d be high maintenance, of course.

2. Marmie: I would name a lady marmalade cat this because I think it’s just too stinkin’ cute. (Psst…I’m hoping my next kitten is a marmalade! )

3. Odette (la chatte): I’ve always wanted a French-like name for a cat, since I tend to speak to my cats in my college-minor level French. Can you imagine waking up and saying, “Mademoiselle, voici votre petit-déjeuner!” Oh, le sigh!

4. Fatzah: This is another cat I grew up with. While, I wouldn’t name any future cats this, I think it’s an adorable name. Fah-tzah!

5. Sally: She was Boris’s companion and for the same reasons, I’d name a future kitten after her grandcat-ma.

What are your cats’ names? What names are you saving for future kittens?

One thought on “Kitty Cat Names

  1. We have two cats here! Shelli is a tortoiseshell and white cat hence the name! Venus is a really elegant cat so we thought we would name her after the Goddess of beauty! (Also, Mr Fluffytufts is big into astronomy, so that played a part too!)

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