Happy Anniversary!

Thanx for Combsing!

So, folks, it’s been a year since I started this blog. After being away from blogging for a few years, I’ve finally felt like I’ve found a good, sustainable rhythm. There have been surprisingly more people than I thought who have followed and liked some of my posts. I must thank you all! In no particular order: jakesprinter, runtonybobrun, twopurplecouches, alotonyourplate, I am Gerry, justinawei, itsapussycatslife, Mashed Potato Bulletin, lesleycarter, Scott, Where’s Pablo, Moment Matters, redflamefire, 400daystil40, cookiemama, jenmaaninamman, sierralei, virginiaplantation, ookiekayes, Emama, Simply Dish, Soulsby Farm, Lago, oneanna65, Stephanie, urbanwallart, clotildajamcracker, Leanne Cole, Elena, sweetlittlethang, christylynnwilson, homemadewithmess, The Sugar Lump, ellisnelson, Cristian Mihai, and of course my mom, probably my most faithful reader! (Isn’t this true for all bloggers?) Mwhaaa!

Because WordPress’s stats offer it, I’d like to take a look at how people land here via search engines. Boden models, or some variation is the most popular search term. Probably because I wrote this. And, also because of that post people have stumbled here looking for “Eddie Bauer” and “Title Nine.” The town of Bend, Oregon should really start producing more postcards, because people are looking for them. I wrote about my Bend, Oregon postcard here. (I hope all those postcard searchers were satisfied with my single card.) “Budnik model?” Nope, I’m not a model. “Teresa Budnik?” That’s actually Theresa with an ‘h’ and “Combs” at the end now. Probably the most striking search term that has led someone here is “should I bake a cake for my crush.” Hello? Are you still there? Did you read this? Please, oh, please tell me you did not bake for your crush!

Thanks to all of my likers, followers, commenters, subscribers and searchers! There are a lot more Inner Dessert, Cat Parenthood, 30 Before Thirty and other miscellaneous posts headed your way!

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