Ready for a Drought…or the Apocalypse

Milk Jugs of Rainwater

In lieu of investing in a second rain barrel and figuring out where to set it up and how to hook gutters to it, I’m storing water in milk jugs. Here’s my reasoning. If I can keep my rain barrel from being 100% full, then the next time it rains, it can fill up with that much more water instead of overflowing. So, if there’s ever a drought or things are looking a little rough, I know I have the most water I could possibly have and my garden will stay hydrated.

Plus, I’m reusing these milk jugs giving them a second life as a pretty good watering can.

Plus, if the apocalypse comes, I will not hesitate to boil this water for drinking and cooking.

One thought on “Ready for a Drought…or the Apocalypse

  1. bezzie

    You do have to be careful (I’ve heard anyway..) if you store the water in these containers too long for consumable water. The chemicals from the jugs can start to leach. But I think that takes years.
    Take one of the caps and poke holes in it and use it as a g-fab watering “spout” to your jugs.

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