Sans Models

So, I must have hit the catalog jackpot, because every so often, out of the blue, I’ll get some random catalog I know I did not request. I love catalogs and I do request my fair share, but not the one I just received. Because it appears a lot of people are fascinated by catalog models, especially those quirky Boden models, I was intrigued when I got this catalog, NorthStyle, and saw that they do NOT use models.

NorthStyle Catalog

Well, they do have pants models, but their torsos (and heads) are cut off. Pourquoi? Maybe their business model (pun intended) doesn’t include the cost of models or models with good-looking torsos.

NorthStyle Pants Model

Of course, as demonstrated here, they do have the cost of a wind machine or a whole lot of starch built into their budget. How did they get this skirt to flare like that?

Breezy Dress

I’m okay with not using models. J. Peterman uses only illustrations and that’s a well-thought out catalog, but I just think NorthStyle is giving the geographic North a bad rep with selections like this:

Bandana Pants

I mean really? Do I want to feel like I’m 12 years old whose mom (who couldn’t pick out 2 crayons that don’t clash if her life depended on it let alone the fact that she believes the junior sections of JC Penney and Kohl’s are just too scandalous) laid out this outfit for me, saying that the bandana pants are just soooo cute? Moooooom! I’m not 3! I want cool clothes!

Put some models in those clothes! Please!

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