4 Years Of Cincinnati

My younger sister, Birdie, presents to you the fine city of Cincinnati.

The date slipped right past me! January 8th marked four full years of living in Cincinnati (or at least it’s suburbs). 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011. I can’t believe it’s been four years!

When I tell people I moved here solely for a job, they look at me like I’m crazy–probably because a lot of Cincinnatians like to stay near family. And, that’s alright if I was adventurous to arrive in this fair town with just the belongings that would fit into my car and that generations of families stay rooted in this Midwestern soil. I have enjoyed living here and will continue to…until of course, the 17-year cicadas make their appearance. Come that summer, you’ll find me driving my car as fast as I can on the Alaska Highway seeking refuge in my homeland!

One thought on “4 Years Of Cincinnati

  1. bezzie

    But aren’t there different “shifts” of 17 year cicadas? Like some may hatch this year, some next year, some the year after–but all were originally laid 17 years ago? Kind of like siblings say graduating from high school…
    Ha ha!
    “Congratulations” on your anniversary. You got Clint and Corey out of the deal, that’s not so bad.

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