Inspiration On My Desk

In a magazine I used to read, (maybe it was CMYK?) there was a regular feature where they’d ask a person working in a creative field, what they kept on their desk for inspiration. A few years ago, as an aspiring creative, I decided that I, too, would put something on my desk to keep me inspired. I chose this:

Bend, Oregon Postcard

A postcard from Bend, Oregon. After graduating from Portfolio Center, I drove out west and became enamored with Bend. It’s a small-ish town in the middle of nowhere. Sure, Portland is a mere 175 miles or so north, but it’s not an easy drive as you have to traverse a mass of mountains. (When done in November, at dark, in the pouring rain, it’s terrifying. Trust me, I know.) Bend is a lovable, fresh place that has a bit of a resort town feel with all of its outdoorsy opportunities.

It’s not that Bend is where I want to be. It’s that in order to work in there, you have to love being there. A bazillion big-name accounts are not rolling into Bend for its creative agencies to work on. Some creatives run to any major metropolis, following the major accounts. That balance between loving where you are and being happy with the work you do, is what inspires me.

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