Let Me Tell You a Story

My former personal website was out-of-date. By a couple of years. My portfolio was stale. So, I’ve embarked on tidying them up. Voila! Witness my new website. It appears to be a WordPress site and it is. You want to know why? I’m not a designer. And, while I may have designed my first and second personal websites, it’s really hard and produces more stress than I’m interested in. WordPress blogs are much easier to update. Because it doesn’t require me to design much of anything, I get to emphasize the fact that I am a WRITER! Huzzah! Let’s here it for words! I love Times New Roman!

Head over to my “About” page to learn more about who I am or go to my “Resume” page to read about exactly what I’ve done and still do. Check back here often, as I plan on posting about writing and the branding/advertising/marketing industry. (They’ll be little articles people in the biz sometimes like to call “white papers.”) To see my tidied-up portfolio, drop me an email. I’ll send a link to you posthaste.

In the spirit of introductions, here’s a picture of me:

This was taken this summer at Hatcher Pass just outside of Palmer, Alaska. That’s the Little Susitna River behind me. I’m wearing a fleece jacket in the middle of June. That’s Alaska for you.

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